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Who is Defacto FD?

Who is Defacto FD?

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Here at Defacto FD, we’ve been more than a little busy. We’ve gone through a rebranding process, designed a new website, taken on new clients, and are looking forward to making accessible and digestible content for our social media channels. But, as we move into the future and focus on all the exciting projects we have lined up we think it’s important to take a quick peek at the past and tell you a bit more about Defacto’s story.

By Fiona Purves, MD

The First Step

It all began when I qualified as a CA, after which I spent time working in an accountancy firm. At the time, this environment felt somewhat old fashioned and stuffy to me, but it did allow me to build up a significant amount of relevant knowledge in this field.

Transitioning into Industry

This experience sparked in me the desire to move into industry, where I was struck by the dynamic and engaging nature of the office spaces and the working environment. It was then that I realised just how important it was to translate the very technical and dense financial language and make it understandable for business owners, managers, and stakeholders.

Not only did this help me build up relationships with a variety of companies and businesses, but it allowed me to see the daily frustrations that people without an accountancy background have with the financial side of running a business.

Setting up Defacto

This desire to make accountancy accessible and understandable was one of the main reasons for founding Defacto FD. Defacto is Latin for ‘effectively’ or ‘in fact’ – a subtle nod to the fact that we are effectively your Finance Directors, fulfilling all your accountancy tasks, from taxes to payroll and VAT.

However, I always envisioned Defacto to be much more than just those ‘standard accountancy services.’ We’re more than basic interim FD’s and never set out to be an external part of your business that isn’t fully integrated with the rest of your team. If anything, we pride ourselves on being external accountants with an internal accountant’s style.

Our Experience

Over the years, we’ve worked with a multitude of small and medium-sized businesses, helping them grow in a sustainable and responsible way. In doing so, we’ve helped countless businesses demystify the cloud of uncertainty that surrounds these somewhat complicated financial regulations and processes.

We want our clients to feel comfortable picking up the phone and asking us questions and we don’t think that kind of relaxed atmosphere comes from a classical (and oftentimes far too technical) approach.

The Future

What’s to come then, you may ask? Well, we’ve got lots of exciting ideas for posting regular content on our social media channels, so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for all sorts of handy business tips!