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Virtual Finance Directors

  • Are you often overwhelmed by tax bills?
  • Do you need a Finance Director to keep things simple and straightforward?
  • Are you struggling to see whether you or making a profit?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then don’t worry – Defacto-FD can help. We offer a comprehensive virtual finance director service which provides you with all the financial expertise and advice that you could possibly need. Not only do we provide regular compliance services – like bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll, etc – but we also offer your business the virtual FD service it needs to thrive and grow. The best thing about working with Defacto-FD? We’re personal and approachable, and will always give your business the time and expertise it needs.

The main benefits of our virtual-FD service:

  • Financial support/advice from experienced, personable and approachable accountants
  • Improving reliability when it comes to the way financial institutions, stakeholders, and board members view your business.
  • Guiding existing finance staff.
  • Provide advice when taking difficult business decisions.
  • Reviewing your cashflow and business systems and modernizing the way you do recurring tasks, like payroll, etc.
  • Updates on regulatory changes that impact your business.
  • Financial forecasts, planning, and strategic advice.
  • Face to face or telephonic contact whenever necessary.

Simply fill out our form or call us directly on 0141 404 3484 to find out more about our virtual finance director service.

How can a Virtual Finance Director help your business?

A virtual FD does everything a regular Finance Director would do, without requiring you to take on the added burden of a potentially expensive full-time hire. Core responsibilities include managing the budget, coming up with a financial strategy, providing managerial-level financial advice, and verifying any business decisions that you intend to take.

The best thing about our virtual Finance Director service is that it is accessible and flexible. It offers you the opportunity to pick up the phone any day of the week and give us a call – so that solid financial advice and the right numbers inform your business decisions. We don’t just look at the here and now; we look at the effects that your decisions, cashflow, and revenue streams will have on the future of your business.

It can be vital when trying to deal with tricky business decisions, like:

  • Does it make sense to expand and can I afford to take on more staff?
  • Do I have enough money for certain business investments/expenses?
  • How can I improve my cashflow?

Any business, regardless of your size or budget, should have access to this kind of financial advice. We’ll help you identify patterns in your profits and spending and assist you in making proactive business decisions that work for your unique situation and your specific industry. Fill out the form above if you want to gain access to our unique financial expertise or read our blog on the benefits of hiring a virtual finance director for more information.