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  • Are you struggling with your accounts?
  • Do you lack the time to keep up with your  business finances?
  • Are you looking for an experienced sole trader accountant?

Starting out as a Sole Trader has a lot of advantages, as it is the simplest form of business to start where you carry on business on your own account. You are liable to income tax and Class 4 National Insurance on your profits. You can even employ people including your spouse for work done.

However, Sole Traders often find themselves pressed for time and struggling to keep up with the financial side of running a business. When the margins are small, it’s important to feel confident when filling out HMRC forms, tax returns, and updating the books. Defacto-FD can help, as we are experienced sole trader accountants who can grow with you as your business develops.

As a Sole Trader, your business format is not set in stone forever and you can change between them. It is fairly simple for a sole trader to take on a partner and become a partnership and for a partnership to become a Limited Company. There are however more complications with changing from a Limited Company to a sole trader or partnership.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you take control and be efficient with your accounts and taxes, then please call us on 0141 404 3484 or fill out this form.

Defacto-FD: Sole Trader Accountants who understand your pains and needs.

Sole Trader Accountant – What are the challenges of a sole trader?

As the sole owner and manager it is likely that you will work hard and for many hours delivering your products and service.  As a result of this, personal objectives such as hobbies and spending time with your family end up low down on the list of priorities.

Getting your finances under control and knowing just how much profit your efforts are generating can help you make decisions on how to grow your business. This will also give you greater insight into future opportunities and allows you to identify the right time to take on new employees to share the work.

Defacto FD have worked successfully with countless Sole Traders over the years to develop simple solutions that allow you to keep track of their businesses. We’ll help maximise profits and tax savings so that you can free up valuable time that can be spent on growing your business. Contact us today if you are looking for a Sole Trader Accountant – simply fill out our form to get the ball rolling.