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Vat Return Preparation

Keeping abreast of your VAT responsibilities is made easy using our online accounting service. Our system automatically updates your VAT liability as you process each of your transactions and provides you with real time information on your current liability as well as providing you with access to historical VAT information for previous periods.

Glasgow Accountants Defacto FD are on hand to answer any questions you have with regards to VAT and will keep you appraised of any changes to legislation that may affect you.

You can chose to register for VAT when you first set up your business or at the point where you exceed the VAT registration threshold. If you choose not to register immediately, Defacto FD staff will keep an eye on your accounts to advise you when you are approaching the point when you will be obliged to register.

Defacto FD will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork required to register you for VAT. If you chose our Gold level service you have the option of using the Cash and Flat rate accounting schemes available for small businesses.

Call us on 0141 404 3484 or email to discuss how we can assist and support you.

Top 5 reasons to choose defacto-fd Chartered Accountants

Reason number 1 to choose defacto-fd Chartered Accountants

advice given to you in simple terms

Reason number 2 to choose defacto-fd Chartered Accountants

free access to simple, time saving, accounts system

Reason number 3 to choose defacto-fd Chartered Accountants

a choice of payment methods to ease your cash flow

Reason number 4 to choose defacto-fd Chartered Accountants

more time to focus on your business

Reason number 5 to choose defacto-fd Chartered Accountants

advance notice of deadlines, so you avoid penalties

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